We Are Selling Premium
Quality Saffron Threads in Australia!

Rich, Deep Red, and Potent

saffron australia

We Are Selling Premium
Quality Saffron Threads in Australia!

Rich, Deep Red, and Potent

saffron australia


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We are known to offer top-quality, fresh, and 100% organic saffron to meet the highest saffron Australia grades. We harvest organic saffron from our farms and bring it to your countertop without chemicals and preservatives. So don’t buy saffron without any certificate.

100% Organic Saffron Threads by Parsa Global Import

We offer saffron, made up of all red stigmas, which have been ethically collected, professionally cut, and separated with care by hand. Our ultimate process of collecting and distributing it makes us different from others. 

Everything is handled with care to ensure absolutely no break or damage to the saffron threads during the whole process. We use the Persian Premium Saffron method, a naturally flash-dried method to protect the threads and preserve the natural taste, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

  • Grade 1, Top-Quality Premium Saffron
  • Comes Directly from Farms
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours, Preservatives
  • Carefully Hand-Picked, Packed, & Delivered

Buy Saffron Australia

We guarantee you the real natural taste of saffron, ensuring you are getting the best of everything! Parsa Global Import focus on offering the quality which could be felt by nose and eyes. Once you open our premium package, you can experience deep bloody red colour comes, with the killing aroma of a magical spice that will spellbind everything around you. 

No artificial components, no preservatives— buy saffron online with complete confidence.

We guarantee you of its 100% authenticity and aroma that only comes in our GRADE 1 saffron. 

Buy Saffron Threads by the Most Trusted Sellers in Saffron Market

You need to be cautious in buying saffron for you to get the organic saffron. Purchasing the finest and purest saffron is really something to do with ignoring myths. This is one reason why we would like to tell you the figures on global saffron production.

  • Italian Saffron – 100 kilos or less
  • Kashmir Saffron – 2/3 mt.
  • Spanish Saffron – 1mt. or less
  • Greek Saffron 5.7 mt.
  • Moroccan Saffron 2/3 mt.
  • Persian Saffron + Afghan Saffron 150/170 mt.

If you want to check the saffron’s grade, you can check the absorbance value by dissolving it in water and measured at λ=440 nm. To get the 1 stamp grade, its value must be 190 or above. The premium saffron which we offer is carefully tested and can easily meet the quality grade. It always measures a value of 225 to 268.

Our saffron is hand-picked just right before the sun rises, and the stigmas are carefully removed by hands and dried in perfect sterile laboratory conditions.

What Makes Persian Saffron Different?

  • Freshness

It’s all about the harvesting method, taste and freshness that only comes with premium saffron. One of the best ways to test this spice’s real freshness is to just look at the vibrant red colour. Always look for vivid crimson red on all saffron threads.

The darker or lighter orange colour, mostly found in stores in a powdered form, is the lowest quality of saffron. Parsa Persian Saffron comes in vivid natural redness in all threads, ensuring it’s an all-natural, pure, and extremely fresh product.

  • Purity

Today, many companies on the market mix saffron with other ingredients, making a powder form to weigh up the spice much cheaper. But to find the purity, you should always look for the (all red colour) as proof of its purity.

  • Premium Quality

When you get fresh product, you are more likely to get top-quality saffron. If you are looking for Grade 1 standard, you can’t find stigmas that have any other colour than deep red. Most of our saffron rates 259 or roundabout by the lab test ensure you offer premium quality and the highest standard.

What Are the Uses of Saffron Australia?

This spice has been used for colouring and flavouring foods for many centuries and has various medicinal properties. It’s by far the oldest and magical herbs ever used for treating specific conditions to date. Its colouring strength mostly measures the quality of this spice. It means the higher colouring strength is, the higher quality of saffron you may get.

Buy Saffron Online— Shop with Us Now

Parsa Global Import is one of the leading names in the saffron market for selling saffron threads. We have been serving our valued customers with premium quality Persian saffron, with 100% authenticity guaranteed. Give us a try, and let us show you the real taste and aroma of organic saffron. 

Shop now by placing your order with us for Saffron Australia. 

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How to Choose Original Saffron?

Smell – A lot of authorities describe saffron’s smell as sweet, but not entirely sweet. It could rather both sweet and husky. 

Appearance – The threads look trumpet-shaped, but they don’t bulge at one end. If you take saffron in your palm and rub it, your skin will turn yellowish/orange.

Taste — It may taste slightly bitter, not sweet, but smells sweet. You may have to be clever here!

Time For Colour Release In Water – You can put some threads in a water container and wait for 15 minutes. The authentic saffron turns water yellow; it may take up to an hour to show results. During the whole process, the threads retain their saffron original red colour. But if they lose their colour, then surely the product is not authentic. 

Why Choose Parsa Global Import for Premium Quality Saffron Australia?

Saffron is the most expensive and valuable spice in the world. It, therefore, could be challenging to find an authentic one. But if you are looking for 100% authentic, high-quality saffron threads at just an economical price, you must try Parsa Global Import. We here offer you:

  • 100% authentic and organic saffron
  • All vibrant red threads from the latest year crop
  • 100% premium quality with Grade A+ Guarantee
  • Premium packaging
  • Affordable Prices
  • Next business day shipping in Australia
  • We offer a 100% refund if you don’t love or find our saffron authentic.

High-Quality Saffron in Australia

Parsa Global Import has been in the saffron market; today is famous for its customer loyalty. We have been serving customers in Australia and trying to spread to other countries in the world.

Our company has been lucky enough to get the trust and loyalty of our customers. We, therefore, strive to offer you the highest and premium quality saffron you deserve but at a low market price.

You might be wondering how we can sell authentic product at fair low prices in Australia! The answer is; low saffron production and a long chain of middlemen between you and the farmer are some of the reasons for the high price of spice. Our hardworking team pass on the savings to customers because they want you to cherish saffron cooking and using it as a hot tea.

We know you only want quality and value for money, and so Parsa Global is here for you!

Health Benefits of Saffron

Saffron has two major carotenoids— crocin and crocetin; both may have antitumor effects. These two compounds also help reducing inflammation risk.

  • May Help Reduce Cancer

Saffron could be used as a potential cancer chemopreventive agent. The presence of two compounds is responsible for its anticancer response.

  • Help Reducing PMS

The studies have been conducting which have shown results that saffron could help treat premenstrual syndrome. The test concluded 76% of women who had taken oral form reported a 50% reduction in the severity level of PMS symptoms.

  • Reduces Depression

Our hectic lifestyle has pushed us to the level where we suffer from several mental and physical issues. According to studies, saffron’s stigmas are helpful and work as a magical antidepressant. The presence of two components: crocin and safranal, can greatly help in stimulating neurochemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These compounds aid low to moderate depression level.

Premium Quality Saffron Australia
  • Boost Vision Health

Saffron is might help deal with retinal degeneration. The presence of safranal makes it the magical alternative to reduce rod and cone photoreceptor loss.

  • Promotes Brain Health

This spice’s amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties could imply its therapeutic potential for multiple human nervous system issues. The most highlighted one is Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

  • Improves Digestive System

Various studies have shown saffron contains antioxidant and anticancer effects, which help to treat gastrointestinal disorders. A lot of studies are required to back this fact.

  • Boosts Immunity

It is rich in carotenoids, which has a great impact on immunity level. One study has shown that the daily 100g of saffron use could have temporary immunomodulatory effects without any negative reactions.

    • Improves Heart Health

    It is known for reducing the risk of heart diseases by strengthening the blood circulatory system. Saffron is rich in riboflavin and thimin. It, therefore, helps promote healthy heart health by preventing various cardiac issues.

    • Treat Insomnia

    A lot of researcher from Australia have conducted that saffron has a positive effect on insomnia. In a clinical study, 4 weeks of the saffron supplement results were associated with improved sleep quality, insomnia, and restorative sleep.

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