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Hello and welcome to Parsa Global Imports (Number one Saffron Market Australia). If you’ve found your way here, then that must mean you are on the hunt for the most fantastic premium saffron threads, loose tea and herbal teas available in Australia.

In addition, you’ve come to exactly the right place because PGI is a major worldwide supplier of Premium Persian Saffron threads, first-grade loose tea and top-quality herbal teas. Our reputation for always supplying the very best products is the reason that we have become one of the largest saffron markets in Australia, with customers from all around the world choosing us when shopping for the highest grade saffron at fantastic saffron prices.

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Premium Saffron Market

Amplify your pantry selection and add intense colour and flavour to your dishes with the world’s most incredible spice. Elevate your senses and experiment with the excellent health benefits that saffron threads, herbal tea and loose teas have to offer. Get inventive with ingredients to create complex meals and beverages.

Learn unique combinations that balance each other to create that perfect umami. Also, whether you’re buying in bulk with the intent to resell, is a professional chef, or a dedicated home cook — our range of top-quality products are the ideal choice.

The prima donna of the Persian spice pantry, each saffron thread is carefully harvested by hand from the purple Crocus sativus flower. Traceable from lovingly maintained fields to your plate, you can buy superior quality negin saffron with an outstanding aroma and incredible colour right from our saffron Australia.

Grown, harvested and packaged by a world-renowned saffron-producing company that also holds HACCP, ISO 9002, ISO 22000 and ISO 3632-1 certification, the saffron threads you can buy from our online saffron market meets the gold standard in every way.

A natural antioxidant, saffron threads has several incredible health benefits many may not be aware of. It can be used to brighten your mood, reduce PMS symptoms, aid weight loss, improve sleep, eyesight and memory, reduce the risk of heart disease and even fight cancer.
Achieve a more profound and richer flavour from your saffron by soaking the threads in hot water, then adding them along with the liquid to the dish or beverage of your choice. A piece of advice for the saffron newbie: try adding a pinch of saffron to your tea, coffee, a health shake or even plain milk. You won’t be sorry — we promise.

Our business began with saffron threads that offer the most vibrant colouring, the richest aroma and the most profound flavour. It’s been at the heart of everything our family-owned business has done for generations. So it was only natural that we expanded our business to include other products that Persian culture is famous for — namely loose and herbal teas.

For customers who buy our original saffron threads, loose tea and herbal tea for personal home use, and retail purposes, we’re a one-stop online shopping destination. On top of our friendly service, excellent prices, and fantastic products. So shopping for your saffron with the saffron market is supporting local business. Plus, we offer free shipping for orders over $35 to any destination in Australia.
Nothing but the best when it comes to our products — this is the PGI promise to you.

herbal tea

What we refer to as herbal tea is not technically tea at all. Instead, it is an infusion of different spices, herbs and other plant material. That sounds a lot less tasty than herbal tea does, but we assure you that herbal tea in Australia is always delicious.

Here at PGI, you’ll find a fantastic selection of herbal teas that each offers its unique flavours and a range of incredible health benefits. From teas designed with these health benefits in mind, such as our premium calming, weight-loss and cleansing teas, to teas where the focus is on a unique blend of flavours — the range of herbal teas from our online platform is sure to delight you.

Get a fantastic chamomile saffron tea, for instance, which can aid with sleep and relaxation. Or opt for a simple but incredible Persian Chai tea blend that packs a great flavour punch. The best thing about it is that you can enjoy these teas as a comforting warm beverage or add them to baked goods and other dishes for a unique flavour profile that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Our premium range of products is a rainbow of taste waiting to colour your favourite dishes and tease your senses with their sensational aroma. Add dimension to the simplest of dishes with the tiniest pinch of saffron threads, enjoy the comfort of a perfectly brewed cup of loose tea or sample the excellent health benefits of our herbal teas. Simple ingredients with a world of flavour await you, so shop our herbal tea market now.

Enter our online loose leaf tea shop, where you can almost smell the aromatic qualities and divine flavours of the different varieties we stock. Experience the highest quality of premium loose tea with our signature blends, handcrafted and carefully packaged for your brewing pleasure.

When it comes to the perfect cup of tea, we know that the true secret is to use loose tea leaves that have been grown and harvested according to traditional methods designed to maintain their quality and freshness. We believe that tea is nature’s gift to humankind, and we will go out of our way to bring it to you in all its natural glory.

In Conclusion, Whether you’re a loose tea aficionado or a newbie looking for something to help you get up and go in the mornings or help you enjoy a lazy day of relaxation — we know that you’ll find the perfect loose leaf tea when you shop with us. So go ahead, browse our selection and find out why we consider it to be one of the most important discoveries in the history of humankind.