How to Identify Original Saffron from the Fake One?

Why people struggle to find buy original Saffron?

Saffron is the most expensive spice and herb in the world. Its value is not only reflected by its price but also by its use. As a result, some people might take advantage of others and sell them counterfeit Saffron instead of the original Saffron Australia.

So, where can you buy authentic Saffron? Firstly Saffron is specific to each region. Within those regions, some names are well known for Saffron. For example, when you go to Italy and want to get a city car, you look for an Alfa Romero.

In the same perspective, in the world of Saffron, 95% of world production comes from Iran. It is effortless to find a trace of Saffron threads in Ancient Persian culture and poetry. In food, Medicine, art, Saffron use is abundant. So, first, lookout for a trusted, well-established brand. We are proud to say that Abbaszadeh Original Saffron is a world-leading brand and has been operating since 1963. We grow up with Saffron, generations by generations!

There are several basic ways to distinguish the original Saffron from the fake one: taste, smell, type and saffron price. Saffron never tastes sweet, and it feels bitter and slightly scaly on the tongue. Original Saffron should be organic and include certificates and lab test. Authentic Saffron should be natural and smells earthy.

Where to buy saffron in australia?

Good Saffron will always smell sweet and never taste sweet.

The original Persian Saffron also has a distinctive appearance, with unique colours and saffron strands having a diffused finish. Premium organic Saffron doesn’t lose its original brightness if you put it in a bit of water. The fake one is missing the added colour, and it no longer looks the same. Pure Saffron gives the watercolour yellow. You can also rub saffron threads between your fingers: they will turn red/gold/orange. Never buy Saffron powder.

Even if you are a trustworthy spice trader, Saffron powder loses its flavour faster than entire strands. Instead, you can purchase a saffron grinder on our website. Grind original Saffron into original saffron powder.

Therefore, the four most common points of fake Saffron are:

  • Fragrant; Real Saffron smells delicate and earthy.
  • Colour; If you rub it between your fingers, it will turn orange/red/yellow.
  • Powder; It might be fake.
  • Price; If Saffron is cheaper than the usual price advertised, most likely it is mixed or fake.

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