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What is saffron?

Please read this content before buying Saffron online from us. The flower that we get saffron from is the Crocus sativus, commonly known as the ‘saffron crocus.’ Each bloom produces just three yellow styles, and at the end of each one, you will find a crimson red stigma. Along with the attached stigma, these three styles are plucked by hand from the flower and carefully dried, becoming what we know as saffron threads. These threads may then be packaged whole or ground into a fine powder. Then, at the end of it all, you have a beautifully fragrant spice.

Why does saffron cost so much?

Now that you know what saffron is, you may be wondering why it tends to be so expensive. The simple answer is because harvesting is a somewhat tricky process. Firstly, the saffron crocus only blooms for a short period of time during autumn. Also, the saffron threads must be harvested on the day it blooms because the flowers start to wilt almost immediately. We have already explained above that each saffron crocus bloom produces just three saffron threads.

This means that the stigmas from at least 50,000 flowers are needed in order to get a single pound of dried saffron. Considering how much work is involved in harvesting such small quantities, it makes perfect sense that saffron prices are what they are.

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What does saffron taste like?

As with many spices, this is a difficult question to give an exact answer to. Some people will tell you that it has a sweet, honey-like flavour. Others will tell you that it delivers a musky and slightly earthy flavour. And there are those who will tell you that it has elements of both those flavour profiles.

At the end of the day, the flavour depends entirely on the person tasting it and the dish that it has been used in.

You can buy saffron from us with high quality.

How do you use saffron?

Now that you know exactly what saffron is, understand why it can be so pricey and have an idea of the flavour, you may be wondering how to use a spice that is literally worth its weight in gold. Fortunately, this king of spices packs a powerful punch, and very little goes a very long way. Just three threads are all you need to get the desired effect for the majority of dishes.

While saffron is prized for its rich flavour, the colour it imparts to the dishes it’s added to is equally alluring. Whether it’s saffron risotto, a luxurious curry, a classic French bouillabaisse or even a dessert such as a pudding, cake or sweetened rice, all get a beautiful golden hue when saffron is added.

So for those who have wondered about the Golden Spice, head to our market online to buy saffron online for your own pantry and find out more about one of the most prized spices in the world.

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We are major Australian suppliers of saffron Australia Australia and various teas with ISO 9000, ISO 22000, ISO 3632-1, HACCP food safety and quality certifications behind our name. There is no reason to buy saffron anywhere else with unbeatable prices and free shipping on orders over $35.

We are as passionate about customer satisfaction as we are about saffron, which helps us become better at what we love to do. We welcome any comments and feedback and endeavour to respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible.

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