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The Culinary Uses of Saffron

What can I cook with Saffron?

Saffron is one of three critical ingredients in Paella Valenciana, which features in Asian, North African, and European cuisines. Taste experts describe its aroma as honey, with woody, hay-like, and soil notes. Saffron is a global spice. You can find Saffron in cheeses, confectioneries, liquors, baked goods, curries, meat dishes, and soups due to its natural colour.

In Kashmir, people use Saffron in Jehovah, which is an aromatic beverage made from Saffron, almonds, walnuts, cardamom, etc. Also, people use Saffron in Kashmiri marriage and occasional cuisine, namely Wazwan. In this dish, people cook chicken in a saffron heated solution. This dish is famous as Konge Kokur in the local language. Some often replace or dilute Saffron with turmeric in cuisine due to its high cost. So, it is turmeric you eat, not Saffron.

Can make desserts or drinks with Saffron?

Also, people use Saffron in the confectionery and liquor industries as well. For instances, Chartreuse, Izarra, and Strega are two types of alcoholic drinks mixed with Saffron in Italy. Please, grind Saffron threads and soak them in water or sherry for a few minutes before adding them to a dish. But, the best way of extracting colour and fragrance is mixing the ground saffron with cold water or ice cubes. Remember, it is better not to combine it with hot or boiling liquids if you want its health benefits to last.

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