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Which country is largest producer of saffron?

largest producer of saffron

Which Countries Produce Saffron?

Iran, India, Spain and Greece are the largest producer of saffron, respectively, among which Iran has the largest area and accounts for between 94-90% of world saffron production.

Iran is by far the world’s most famous producer. In 2005 it grossed 230,000 kg of dry threads or 93.7 per cent of the year’s global total mass. In the same year, Greece ranked second by producing 5,700 kilograms. Morocco and Kashmir-India ranked third by producing 2,300 kg. In decreasing order, Iran, Greece, Morocco, Kashmir, Azerbaijan, Spain, and Italy dominate the world harvest. Most people believe that Spanish Saffron threads are famous. However, Iran is the majority producer of Saffron in the world. Some saffron traders sell Persian Saffron as Spanish Saffron. Shockingly, so little have learnt about this fact. We thank you for your support.

In Iran, the world’s leading producer, Khorasan Province, grows 95 per cent of Persian Saffron. Afghanistan has resumed cultivation in recent years, despite numerous cropping in Austria, England, Germany, and Switzerland, only selected locales to continue the harvest in northern and central Europe. Among these is the small Swiss village of Mund, whose annual saffron output amounts to several kilograms. Also, micro-scale cultivation occurs in Tasmania, China, Egypt, France, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, California, and Central Africa. Still, Iran is the best place to grow Saffron. We hope you liked this blog. If you did, leave us a comment. We love your suggestions, too.

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