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Why Is Saffron So Expensive?

Why is saffron expensive?

Saffron has a history that stretches from the steps of China to the shore of the Mediterranean. Saffron is one of the oldest trading spice globally, and according to its price, Saffron is the most luxurious spice you could own. Some also value Saffron the same as gold. It is true Saffron will always go up in price, and there is no shock for that. They are a few contributing factors for its high cost. Its vast usage spectrum ranks Saffron among the most versatile spices used in art, cooking, fashion and pharmaceutical industries.

Saffron is expensive

Why purchasing Saffron is a good investment?

Global demand for Saffron is increasing. Besides, harvesting saffron requires resources, patience and intense labour. Saffron expects a particular location and climate to grow. Some countries, such as Spain, saturated the market with Saffron’s Spanish brand, where only less than 1% of Saffron sold as Spanish Saffron came from Spain. Iran produces more than 90% of world demand. Last year alone, Iran officially recorded more than 175,000 kilograms of exported Saffron. So, this is to prove Persian Saffron is the most commonly traded Saffron in the world. Since 1963, Abbaszadeh Original Saffron has been operating as a significant producer and distributor of Saffron.

Moreover, harvesting saffron is a labour-intensive operation. Saffron plant blossoms once a year. Besides, It takes more than seven consecutive years for the plant to mature. So from the moment you decide to have your own Saffron growing garden, you can enjoy harvesting your mature plant more than seven years later.

More to the point, Saffron crocus is so delicate, and harvesting takes patience and teamwork. It is interesting to know that every 170,000 flowers will lead to 1 kilogram of pure Saffron. As a result, Cultivating and harvesting Saffron is a time-consuming operation. More to the point, the Health Benefits of Saffron has gained worldwide reputations. So much medical research claims Saffron has anti-anxiety, anti-depression, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It also works on your kidney, liver and brain. In addition, saffron has anti-aging and rejuvenating properties for the skin and helps with hair loss.

Furthermore, Saffron has vast application in the culinary industry. From Food colouring, decoration and marinating, Saffron has gained global attention. Every chef looks at it as a luxurious spice to use in the signature dishes.

How much is the saffron price per kg in Australia?

Saffron is expensive, but it should not make you go broke. Saffron ranges in price based on the location, type and quality. For example, Parsa Global Import distributes premium certified Persian Saffron Australia from $4 to $6 per gram in Australia. Naturally, in those countries that apply Tax and GST on Saffron, the price of Saffron is higher than in other countries. However, when you are purchasing Saffron, always make sure you buy from a reputable brand. If you are buying from a major producer of Saffron such as Parsa Global Import’s Saffron, Abbaszadeh Original Saffron, you will always have the guarantee of the best price and best quality. Abbaszadeh Original Saffron hold ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 3632-1 and HACCP. So, shop with confidence with us!

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