A Beginner’s Guide to Herbal Tea, And Why You Should Drink It

It’s popularly believed that herbal tea originates from Ancient China around 2700 BC, where practising a wide variety of herbs infused water for medicinal purposes was common. Here’s why herbal teas remain among the most popular drinks worldwide, and why you should add them to your diet.

Antioxidant properties

Herbal teas are blends of flowers and leaves that are brightly coloured have antioxidant properties. The antioxidants within these teas fight against the oxidative damage that excess free radicals cause to cells. Hibiscus and cinnamon teas contain a large variety of antioxidants that help promote better immunity. Let’s continue!

Anti-inflammatory agents

Some illnesses have inflammatory symptoms, including conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and inflammatory bowel syndrome. Chamomile and lavender teas have strong anti-inflammatory properties that can manage the painful symptoms that come with these illnesses. Thanks for reading so far, let’s teach you more!

The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile tea also allow it to soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis and sunburn. Once the tea is brewing, it needs to cool. It can then be applied to the skin using cotton pads. A useful cosmetic trick to know and utilise, right?

Lavender and chamomile teas can also ease muscle spasms and menstrual cramps due to their pain-alleviating and anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint tea can aid the digestive in cases of inflammatory bowel disorder or abdominal pain. Let’s continue to learn more!

Calming properties

Furthermore, Herbal teas are often famous for their calming properties. Studies suggest that the soothing scent of lavender may help people relax. Lavender is used widely as an aromatherapy agent to add fragrance to candles, diffusers, and oils. So, you might ask “Is there any evidence to support it?”

Studies have shown that lavender could manage the symptoms of anxiety disorders and accompanying depression. It’s thought to promote a regular circadian rhythm and healthier sleeping patterns. Thanks for reading so far. We love the science of tea. So, Let’s go on!

Besides, Chamomile tea promotes relaxation since it calms the nervous system down. It’s a gentle, natural sedative that might help you fall asleep more restfully and deeply. So which flavour do you like more? We offer a wide range of taste.

Due to its fresh taste, peppermint tea can help the drinker reduce nausea due to abdominal pain. It’s also effective at easing stress-induced headaches and migraines. So, it is great to settle an upset stomach. We love teaching you about herbal tea. We appreciate your thirst for knowledge, Shall we go on?!

Other health benefits

Cinnamon tea can help regulate the body’s blood sugar levels employing lowering insulin resistance, which increases the effectiveness of pre-existing insulin. Our range of Cinnamon tea brings joy to your body and taste. What else can we suggest ?!

Hibiscus tea can help regulate the body’s blood pressure and is a counter to any strain the heart experiences. It promotes good liver health and might help to lower unhealthy cholesterol in the blood. We love teaching you all we know. Also, thank you for reading. At Parsa Global Import, you can find Mazafati dates, saffron threads and green saffron tea beverage for sale online in Australia. Get our antioxidant-rich, all-natural products today.

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