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How Does Saffron Improve Mood?

How Does Saffron Improve Mood?
How Does Saffron Improve Mood? Depression or low mood are actually closely related and may contribute to massive depressive symptoms. Depression is one of the leading psychiatric disorders, estimated to affect over 300 million people globally. Also,  almost 4.4% of the total world’s population. Various pharmacological treatments exist, but different publishing has emphasized the inadequacy of antidepressant medication. Those medications have several side effects, including nausea and drowsiness.  Among many other non-pharmacological solutions to improve stress, one of the best natural products is saffron. Premium Saffron offers beneficial benefits in major depressive disorder. Surprisingly, saffron helps reducing plasma levels of corticosterone in response to chronic stress in both acute and chronic studies. Saffron contains almost 150 compounds, most notably are crocin, crocetin, and safranal. All these 3 components are potent antioxidants.

Studies Supporting Saffron for Boosting Mood

Much research has been made to prove saffron helpful in improving overall mood and be a valuable source of treating depression. According to a study, a saffron extract was found to increase dopamine levels in their brain without even changing the brain hormone levels, like serotonin. 

Another 2019 medical review showed the positive effect of saffron on depression. The research is based on 9 studies on the impact of saffron on mild to moderate levels of depression, which concluded that it had a significant effect on reducing depression levels. 

Overall, all the studies and results suggest that the saffron efficacy in the inflection of overall mood may extend beyond the clinical population and might include fewer stress responses.

Where to Buy Real Saffron?

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How It Works to Boost Mood

All the available antidepressant medications have a very narrow target, like targeting neurotransmitters. At the same time, this spice applies significant influence in multiple ways, including neurotransmitters, with 20 different pathways and many hormones and enzymes. 

Till the time, there has been no adverse effect has been shown by saffron interactions with any other type of medication. So for those trying hard to get off antidepressants, it could shift to saffron as it may help with the whole process of weaning off all drugs.

PS: You should consult your doctor. 

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