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The 3 Most popular Teas

Most popular Teas

Today we want to talk about the three most popular teas in the world. After water, tea is the second most popular drink globally. All tea enthusiasts know that there are hundreds of different types of teas. Although each tea has its own exotic appearance, aroma and delicious taste, all tea comes from the same plant— Camellia Sinensis. Native to Asia, this plant is cultivated around the world. Different teas are a result of different means of growing, cultivating, and processing tea.

Here are the three top teas of the world.

Peppermint tea

Green Tea

All tea starts out green. The green tea process is outlined by preventing oxidation and fermentation. In China, green tea leaves are roasted or pan-fired to bring out the tea’s unique flavors. Typically steeped for shorter periods at lower temperatures, green tea produces a distinct brew with less caffeine. Green tea has huge health benefits and fat-busting polyphenols that help lose weight and boost metabolism.

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are those teas that undergo partial oxidation and fermentation, ending up somewhere between black and green teas on a scale. One of the most complex teas to produce, the oolong tea stems from China and Taiwan. Several complex steps are involved in the preparation of oolong tea, with balled up leaves and the tea being steep eight or more times, with each steep releasing a new dimension of flavor. Jin Xuan, Da Hong, and Dong Ding are some of the most popular oolong teas worldwide. Oolong tea has many benefits and is known to boost metabolism as well as mental sharpness.


Black Tea

Premium organic black tea is the most popular type of tea in the West. Originally cultivated in China, black tea comes from the Indian region of Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri. These teas are heavily oxidized to brew up strong, bold flavors. Known as red tea in China, black tea is separated into a grading system. The Orange Pekoe refers to full-leaf tea, while BOP indicates a broken black leaf tea. The more broken the leaf, the stronger the brew, with more robust and pronounced flavours.

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