Saffron vs. Gold

Saffron is famous in the world of spices and herbs; hence, saffron vs. gold is quite popular. The plant is scientifically called Crocus Sativus, a flowering plant, and it yields a stigma that’s extracted and used as a spice. That’s one reason why the herb is greatly sought, and it’s pretty expensive, so that’s why it’s compared to gold.

All You Need To Know About Saffron

The origin of this flower is a mystery, and there are many myths concerning the plant’s origin. Many people argue that it originates from Greece, while others say that it’s from Iran, and the debate is endless. The flowers are picked through hands and not a machine to distort the value of the spice. The flowers are usually dried, and after this, they are taken to the market, whereby their worth is generally more than $5000. That’s why this is among the most expensive spices globally. You may be wondering what makes the spice so valuable.

Saffron vs. Gold

Here's What Makes Saffron a High-Value Spice

After picking the saffron flower, that’s when its journey starts because its stigma is extracted. The stigma is usually the female core part of a flower which is considered valuable in this plant.

The main reason why this spice is expensive is its extraction method. The stigma must be extracted by hand, dried, and processed; hence you need hand labourers to finish this process.

Unlike other spices like rosemary, which are just harvested, dried manually, and stored, this is complex. You will need to employ like two hundred thousand labourers to yield one and a half pounds of saffron spice. 

Some spices like red pepper are simple to extract because you only need a food processor and manual labour. The spice requires a lot of human resources; hence it’s pretty expensive.

The labourers spend up to more than forty hours while handpicking these stamens; hence the price of the final product has to rise.

Countries that supply saffron generate a lot of revenue, and they provide income to farmers. The flowers usually are harvested at dawn. This is the best time because the flower doesn’t require overexposure to the sun as it degrades the quality of the saffron flowers. The flowers are handpicked, and they only bloom yearly but for one week. The flower typically has three stigma threads which are extracted through a very labor-intensive process.

Growing this flower is a massive challenge because it requires great care and maintenance tips. The flower only flowers during November and October. It only does well during the hot months, and it needs well-drained soils & direct sunlight to thrive.

The world is opting for this spice compared to other vital minerals sold globally because of its high generating income for nations.

Comparison of Saffron Vs Gold

The extraction process is complex and requires expertise
Its time consuming to attain the final product because only manual labor is used
It’s an expensive spice
It’s among the most extensive world's supplies which yield high revenue
The spice is valuable
Gold has a complex extraction process, but it incorporates automatic means of extraction
Gold doesn’t need a lot of time because it includes mechanical extraction processes
It's a costly mineral.
Gold is a highly sought product with high income and revenue
Gold is also a highly sought mineral.


From the descriptions given above, it’s evident that gold and saffron are essential to the world’s economy; hence this will always be a complex debate.

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