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4 Fun Facts About Saffron

If you’re a food fanatic, you know all about the wonderful properties of saffron. And if you’re not, you’re probably incredibly fascinated by it! Wherever your curiosity lies, it’s no secret that saffron is one of the most aromatic and flavourful spices that one can add to food!

Saffron has been around for centuries, and in all this time, has accumulated quite a reputation around the world. Here are some historical and economic facts about saffron you probably didn’t know!

The Name And Colour of Saffron

The name, saffron, stems from the Arabic language? Zafaran means yellow. Although many historians believe it comes from the Latin word safranum.

Before industrial and store-bought dyes, the crocin chemical dye found in saffron was used to colour Buddhist monks’ robes. In fact, after the demise of Buddha, Buddhists made this yellow-toned dye the official colour of their robes!

Saffron For Beauty

Although we tend to use saffron for cooking, saffron also has many cosmetic purposes that were leveraged in the ancient world.

Due to its pleasant aroma, many courtesans in Greece would use it in place of perfume to appear more desirable to royals and wealthy men.

On the other hand, a renowned royal, Cleopatra herself, would bathe in saffron-infused mare’s milk before she would meet a suitor. The trend later was also followed by Romans who would bathe in saffron-infused milk or water.

Finding Cures Through Saffron

You might have your own innovative cures for hangovers, but did you know that Romans would use saffron to cure headaches after a night of drinking? However, the way they used it was quite unorthodox. The Romans would sleep in expensive pillows that contained saffron, hoping to wake up with no hangover at all!

Criminals And Saffron

When the use of saffron picked up, so did its demand. Everyone wanted to produce copious amounts of the spice and sell it to the eager public. However, the process of acquiring pure saffron is a long and tedious one.

In the Middle Ages, merchants who tried to alter saffron’s purity by adding extra ingredients were punished harshly for their crimes. Some would even be burned alive!

While times have changed, many consumers still worry about buying saffron that does not have the purity they hope for. In order to receive unadulterated saffron, please do extensive research before making a purchase. However, many online sellers provide lab tested and original saffron. One such retailer is Parsa Global Impact. The Australian-based company deals in Abbaszadeh Original Saffron, which has been in the saffron production and distribution industry for 70 years. Browse their website today to buy original saffron online.

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