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Is Loose Tea Cheaper Than Teabags?

Most of the world’s population is made of tea lovers. However, you don’t need to take expensive tea to have a mind-blowing tea experience. The big question is whether Loose tea is cheaper than teabags? Read on to find out more!
Generally, Loose Leaf tea is cheaper than tea bags, and that’s why it’s primarily sold in bulk. People buy it in bulk to save money, especially the daily tea drinkers.

teabag or loos tea

Loose Tea or Teabags

Loose Leaf tea can be expensive, especially if you are buying per cup, and that’s why you should consider many factors when choosing whether to purchase tea bags or Loose Leaf tea. Many people think that Loose Leaf tea is old-fashioned and cooked grandpa style, but it’s expensive.
Nowadays, people stopped cooking tea, the traditional way to put the leaves in hot water and drink the beverage. To have a tasty cup of tea, you will have to spend because you need the right ingredients. To have a delicious Loose Leaf tea, you must allow the tea leaves to release all the flavour and healthy compounds. You will need to use a strainer/ infuser to brew the tea.

Tea Price

There are many conflicting views on the price comparison of these types of tea. Here’s why Loose Leaf tea are expensive;

  • Loose Leaf Tea has a short lifespan than teabags
  • They produce a delicious tea
  • Loose Leaf tea has many taste varieties – there are many brands, and they have various flavors and tastes.
  • Loose Leaf tea has more nutrients; hence it adds more value to our bodies.


If you want to save money and still have a good tea experience, you should try tea bags.

Teabags, on the other hand, are perfect if you want a fast-soothing cup of tea. Here are some benefits of using tea bags;

  • They are convenient to use because you can buy them anywhere and using them is easy. These are easy to find at all selling points, and you can buy them at local grocery stores. All you need is hot water and sugar; hence they are convenient.
  • Teabags are great because you won’t have to clean anything after making tea, like tea strainers or infusers.
  • It’s easy to make tea using tea bags. The teabags are convenient and easy to use if you don’t know how to brew tea using tea leaves.
  • Teabags save time because they are quick to use. This makes them convenient for people with a busy lifestyle. Within a few minutes, you will have your cup of tea ready.
  • Teabags are reusable, although you will not get the in-depth flavor when you reuse teabags.
loose leaf tea or teabag


Having a great cup of tea is essential, and it doesn’t matter whether you choose Loose Leaf tea or tea bags. Your choice should depend on what you can afford while considering your taste and preferences.

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