3 Best Date Dessert Recipes

Trying to lose weight but can’t curb your cravings for dessert at unexpected hours of the day? If that sounds like you, we have the perfect solution.

The date is a popular fruit in the Middle-East and South Asia because it’s a rich, nutritious source of energy with a wide range of health benefits. It’s also perfect for desserts because of its natural sweetness, which means you can make your own sugar out of it. All you have to do is bake the dates till they are dry and then grind them in a food processor till they become a fine powder. Here are some of our favourite dessert recipes that feature the ultimate super food!

Oat crusted date squares

Enjoy these classic date squares as a snack between meals, for breakfast, or as a post-dinner treat. They have the perfect combination of texture—from the crispy oats coating—and a gooey date filling, require a minimal amount of ingredients (brown sugar, butter, oats and dates), and are fun to make for the whole family.

Make the date mixture by boiling the dates with the brown sugar and stirring for 12 minutes. Add vanilla after removing it from the heat. Let it cool while you prepare the coating with brown sugar, butter, flour, salt, and soda. Add oats and layer the coating in a pan. Then, add the date mixture and bake for fifteen minutes. 

Quick bread with date and oats

Are you tired of making banana bread? Looking for an alternative that’s just as easy to make and equally scrumptious? This date and oats bread is packed with flavour and is highly nutritious at the same time. You can add walnuts or pecan nuts to it as well to add more texture. Check out the recipe here.

Stuffed dates with almond paste

These bite-sized dates are stuffed with an almond paste filling and whole almonds; they’re a sweet treat you won’t be able to resist. These are perfect to take along to a pot luck or to serve at an intimate dinner at home. Make sure you use plump dates so it’s easy to fill them up.

Make your almond paste at home and garnish the dates with an almond or walnut for extra colour.

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