The 3 Best Date Recipes for Breakfast

Do you feel the overwhelming urge to reach for a cup of coffee or a strong cup of tea to satiate your caffeine cravings first thing in the morning? It can be tempting to kick-start your day with beverages like tea and coffee, but nutritionists and fitness experts are now urging us to switch gears and swap them out with a particular fruit that’s a lot healthier and does the job quicker. Read more!

If you guessed dates, you’d be right! Fresh dates or even dried ones are gaining popularity because they’re highly nutritious and work wonders for your health. And the best time to enjoy them is early morning, in a classic breakfast dessert of your choice. Here are some easy to make and devour breakfast recipes with dates that you can make in fifteen minutes or less!

Date and coconut breakfast bars

Soft, fudgy dates give these fruity, nutty bars just the right texture and balance of flavour. You can grab them on the go, for a pre-run pick-me-up, or even enjoy as a snack with your mid-afternoon tea. The best part is that you can keep them in airtight containers and store them for weeks, which means no need to make breakfast every day. Thanks for reading so far, let’s continue.

Simply blend your dates till they’re almost pasty, and add pistachios, honey, oats, water and about half a cut-up coconut. Then, blend it again to mix it thoroughly; Then, simply spread it out into a rectangle and cut it up into smaller bars equally.

Date smoothie

If you love a tasty smoothie in the morning, this date smoothie is just the nutritious meal to make your mornings pleasant.

Blend chia seeds and almonds, followed by dates and then bananas. You can add some coconut oil if you want to, and augment it with water to adjust the consistency. You can also use chilled milk instead of water for a slightly richer taste.

Overnight oats with dates

Soak ¼ cup of rolled oats in milk to immerse them thoroughly and store in the fridge. Add a cup of almonds, 3-4 dates without the seeds, and bananas. You can sprinkle with cinnamon on top to give it a nice kick and if you like them sweetened, simply add honey. Parsa Global Import believes in prioritising customer satisfaction and is committed to delivering only the highest-quality products to you! Now you can buy pure and original saffron, herbal tea and high-quality dates at affordable rates online available for delivery in Melbourne and other cities across Australia! For more information, you can contact us today!

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