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Kitchen Edition: 4 Scrumptious Saffron Dishes That Australians Love

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Australians love their saffron. Whether it’s because of the health benefits, the divine aroma, or the delicious taste, saffron is a favourite ingredient in Australian cuisine. We love to incorporate it in savoury and sweet dishes. Plus, the incredible natural flavour and scent of this spice mean that you don’t need to put in too much effort when cooking.

In this blog, we’ve described some delicious saffron dishes that Australians love so you can try them soon. You’re bound to love this exotic spice once you’ve had some of these dishes!


Seafood paella infused with saffron is a flavour-packed dish that, the Spanish usually make on the weekends. Short-grain rice is the main ingredient, with a variety of spices and vegetables incorporated into the paella as well. The best type of rice to use for this dish is Bomba or Calasparra rice, as it fully absorbs the flavour of the saffron and other spices.

You can even buy saffron wholesale to save money if you make it on the regular.


Cheese and saffron scones are the perfect snack. Baked with cheddar cheese and saffron, the recipe for these scones requires a lot of precision when making the dough. Thanks for reading so far, so, let’s continue!

All its ingredients are readily available, so baking these scones can be a fun afternoon activity for you and your friends.

Vegetable Frittata

Your mouth is in for a treat with this saffron vegetable frittata. Packed full of flavours that will burst in your mouth, the frittata is an excellent healthy substitute for carb-loaded pasta. They usually contain a mix of capsicum, potato and zucchini, mixed with eggs and different cheeses to make the perfect creamy batter. Pop it in the oven until the frittata turns golden brown, and your meal is ready!

A glass of red iced saffron tea with cherries on top

Saffron Lemon Cake

The saffron-infused lemon cake is a tasty dessert option that’s cherished by Australians. Made with lemon juice, lemon zest and saffron, soaked and blended for twenty-four hours, the cake is a delight to eat. The tangy lemon flavour infused with vanilla extract and saffron takes your taste buds on a joyous ride.

The cake usually comes with saffron and cardamom syrup to bring it all together. The syrup is a mixture of lemon juice, cardamom powder and soaked saffron, so it bursts in your mouth with every bite. If you’re planning on experimenting with one of these delectable saffron recipes, be sure to source your saffron through brands like Parsa Global Import locally. Buy original saffron online on PGI’s website, so you don’t compromise on the taste and quality of your meals!


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