Does Black Tea Have Calories?

Black Tea

Black tea is highly consumed globally, and statistics show that half of the world’s population takes black tea. The big question is, does this tea have calories? This tea is made from tea plants, commonly known as Camellia sinensis. This plant has been cultivated in the past by the forefathers, and it has been a cultural plant that’s being passed from generation to generation. This plant has been popular due to its medicinal value and fantastic taste.

Does Black Tea Have Calories?

The A to Z of Black Tea

This tea has no calories, and it’s medically proven to be a ready-to-drink beverage that’s among many shops’ top choices. This tea has no added sugars or fats; hence it’s excellent for human consumption.

Generally, Premium organic black tea is a minimally processed drink that’s easy to prepare because all you need is hot water, buds, or tea plant stems and leaves. The end product usually has a great aromatic taste. 

Calories in Black tea

Black tea is made from these plant parts with carb amounts, and this beverage is calorie-free. 

Nutritionists say that a glass of brewed tea has like one calorie, and this is considered negligible. That’s why this tea is an excellent substitute for sugary beverages, especially if you are aiming healthy lifestyle. 

This tea is classified in the caffeine group, and it has polyphenol antioxidants which have many health benefits. Taking this tea aids in weight loss, improves heart functionality, and reduces chronic illnesses risks. 

You can easily make black tea at home, and you can control the ingredients you want to add. Ingredients control the number of calories in the tea, and you need to avoid adding ingredients like sugar, syrup, milk, or any high-calorie ingredient.

Here Are the Benefits of Consuming Black Tea

It has some Antioxidant Properties

Black tea benefit helps reduce cell damage in the body, and it removes free radicals, which relieves chronic illness risks. This is possible due to the polyphenols in the beverage, which are proven to reduce chronic disease risks. These antioxidants help promote general health in the human body.

Boosts heart health

This tea has an antioxidant called flavonoids which helps reduce heart disease risks. This helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and obesity cases.

Enhances gut health

This tea has polyphenols that maintain a healthy gut, and this promotes good bacteria growth. This prevents illnesses caused by bacteria like salmonella. This tea also has antimicrobial properties, killing harmful bacteria and boosting immunity by repairing the digestive tract lining.

Reduces blood pressure and low blood sugar levels

Many people suffer from blood pressure, and black tea has decreased these cases. Black tea has positive impacts on the human body, and it controls blood pressure, mainly due to its zero-calorie property.

Reduces cancer cases

This tea has zero calories; hence it reduces cases of cancer and stroke. Research shows that black tea overcomes how cancer tumors spread in the body. It’s even being considered as a cancer treatment, among other medicines. 

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