Can You Eat Saffron Threads?

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Can you eat saffron threads? it’s a good question. Saffron is the most expensive spice globally and is considered the king of spice because of its great benefits. It is also known as Red Gold because it has some rich nutrients benefiting as a natural supplement for ages. This fascinating spice has many health benefits hidden in every inch of it.

You can have Saffron in two forms, Saffron Threads and Saffron Powder. Saffron threads come as the whole strands from the Saffron Crocus, containing most of the nutrients intact. In contrast, Saffron powder is made after gently drying and finely grinding it. Both the forms possess the same good benefits of Saffron whether to use in any form. If you want to get the best out of Saffron Threads, you have to be sure they come from a pure and organic source. 

Can You Eat Saffron Threads?

Benefits of Saffron threads

Old school chemists emphasize consuming Saffron threads as it will maximize its overall effects. According to the studies done under Science Direct, Premium Saffron threads contain more than 150 volatile compounds, including carotenoids, safranal, crocin, antioxidants, and other biochemical. Along with that, it has a rich quantity of vitamins and minerals essential to human health. 

It has also had vitamin B-12, potassium, Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and Zinc. 

To derive its benefits, Saffron threads can be added to our regular foods. Even a small amount of Saffron threads is enough to get benefited from it. One of the best ways to use Saffron threads is by soaking them in warm water or milk. It is used to maximize the flavour and colour of food. Saffron threads contain wholesome Saffron crocus, so it’s better to us as they are. 

There are so many magnificent impacts of consuming Saffron threads; top of that is it’s a stress buster. Unsurprisingly, it relieves anxiety and stress. It helps to maintain a good mood in those who regularly consume it. It regulates our endocrine system by stimulating the release of beneficial hormones in our bodies. 

Psychiatric Times has supported the consumption of Saffron threads as an antidepressant in their research studies. It also fights against the risk of cancers, Improves heart health, and neutralizes harmful free radicals.

Can Saffron Threads Be Eaten?

You can add saffron threads in green tea that shows proven results in weight loss. Those who regularly have saffron tea feels full stomach and snacked less, resulting in no junk consumption. 

  • You can combine saffron threads with a healthy diet like nuts and fresh salad, along with grilled fish or meat. It will not only add the luscious taste and color but also bring along the rich nutrients. 
  • Saffron threads can bring into use by consuming lukewarm milk to control diabetes. It is effective in preventing excessive glucose accumulation in the blood. Adding a glass of saffron milk to your daily diet, preferably before bed, helps make the immune system stronger. 

Takeaway Advice

Saffron threads should not be consumed in excess. 2-3 strands consumed per day are enough for you.  

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