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A Brief History of Herbal Teas

The origin of herbal teas, according to written history, can be traced back to the 3rd century CE in China. Because of herbal tea healing benefits and spiritual qualities, the consumption of herbal teas has spread across the world over the centuries. Please read and share this blog with your friends.

Currently, herbal teas are readily available in a wide variety of infusions, and their health benefits—such as stress relief—have made them popular among many groups of people. Herbal teas are a healthy, caffeine-free alternative to carbonated and caffeinated drinks.

Popular Herbs

While tea can be a mixture of many herbs and fruits, some herbs are more popular than others. Some of the most popular ones are peppermint, ginger, chamomile, and basil.

Herbal teas offer an array of flavours and aromas, depending on their ingredients. And people form their preferences based on the profile of each herbal tea. For example, peppermint tea has a stronger scent than flavour, which makes it easier to consume compared to the slightly bitter taste of chamomile tea. Thank you for reading so far. So, let’s talk about health benefits.

Health Benefits

Made from organic herbs and fruits, herbal teas are packed with health benefits that will motivate you to include them in your daily routine. They are full antioxidants that promote good health by improving digestion, boosting metabolism, and reducing cholesterol buildup. Here are some examples of herbal teas and their specific benefits:

  • Chamomile tea is famous for treating insomnia and helps the drinker get deep sleep. It is also a good source of stress and anxiety relief to promote relaxation. There is nothing better than a premium quality herbal tea to satisfy your cravings.
  • Peppermint tea has medicinal properties and is famous as a treatment for conditions like chest congestion, an irritable stomach and indigestion. It is also an immunity booster, which is why it’s widely popular in older age groups.
  • Ginger tea reduces inflammation in the body, preventing weight gain, irritability, and other issues. Similar to peppermint, ginger tea also relieves congestion and helps clear your respiratory system.

Ginger is also famous for lowering down bad cholesterol in the body, and having ginger tea more often is an easy way to maintain a healthy ginger intake to avoid cholesterol buildup. After reading this article, you might ask, so where can I buy premium herbal tea? We have the answer for you.

A pack of Parsa Global Herbal Tea

Where to Find Them

Herbal teas have been in high demand in the past few decades; acquire them through trustworthy vendors to ensure high-quality. Parsa Global Imports is an Australian family-owned business. They have been producing and shipping spices and herbal teas for seventy years now, and have become a leading brand. They have an online herbal tea store that you can explore and buy from. Thank you for reading; please leave us a review! We hope you enjoyed this blog. If you had any question, feel free to email us your enquiry.

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